Xiaoli potted culture method

Xiaoli potted culture method:

Potted plants: Small flowers should be selected for the dwarf varieties. The potting soil should be made up of 5 parts of garden soil, 3 parts of fine sand or slag, and 2 parts of stacking fertilizer. The bottom of the pot should be crushed with tiles as drainage layer. The seedlings are made of 10 cm pots, and the seedlings are poured with a thin cake of fertilizer. After the seedling height is 20 cm, the pots are changed twice before the buds are removed. Each time a new humus soil is added to fill the pots.

Sufficient light: Xiaolihua guarantees 6-10 hours of light every day. If it is blocked for a long time and the light is insufficient, it will grow poorly, with less flowers and easy to get sick.

The environment is cool: Xiaolihua is cold and hot, and the temperature in northern China is more suitable. It will bloom from summer to autumn, while the Yangtze River valley, in summer, is in a semi-dormant state. It must be shaded by leaves and sprayed to cool down.

Dry and wet evenly: Xiaolihua is flourishing and consumes a lot of water. If there is water shortage to strengthen the light, the leaves will be burnt and the leaves will be heavy. If the water is too much, the roots will be rotten, so the soil will not dry and not wet. In the summer, there should be more watering in the summer, less spring and autumn, anti-water accumulation in the rainy days, high pots, and no or no watering before the autumn harvest.

Diligent application of thin fertilizer: Xiaolihua Xifei, in addition to the application of base fertilizer, in addition to the midsummer, in the growing season, 10% of the cake every 10-15 days of fertilizer, after the bud, apply 1%-3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate to promote color Gorgeous.

Pruning: When cultivating a single small flower, remove the lateral buds and leave the main branches. The potted plants should control the height. All the axillary buds are removed from the base, and the flowers are picked up with the long buds. When cultivating four small flowers, when the seedling height is 10-15 cm, the base is left with 2 knots to make it form 4 side branches, and only one top bud is left for each side branch, and 4 flowers can be opened. If you want to bloom in the National Day, you can update the pruning after the flowering in early July, first break the branches to be cut, leave about 20 cm high, cut it after wilting, properly control the water after cutting, and according to the culture requirements. Topping, general care for 2 months, can bloom on National Day.

Flexible accordion guide shield (Plastic Bellow Cover) is a kind of shield machine. Organ of the shape of the shield can be designed according to the actual needs various styles, at the same time, the size of shield can be made according to the actual needs. Shield (cover) for external use German nylon fabric, with PVC board support, both ends load for a fixed metal skeleton connection or plastic skeleton.

Plastic Bellow Cover

This kind of shield (cover) has advantages of small compression. Product can be oil resistant, corrosion resistant, hard objects collision deformation; Walking at the same time product has long life, good sealing, stable, durable, etc. Using this kind of product can bring perfect effect to the use of the machine tool. Shield (cover) inside without any metal parts, don't worry about shield (cover) work when a loose parts and causing severe damage to the machine.

The working speed of shield`s air bellows can reach 200 m/s. Flexible accordion guide shield (Plastic Bellow Cover) has been widely used in numerically controlled machine tools, electronic equipment, stone machinery, glass machinery, door machines, injection molding machine, manipulator, lifting transport equipment, automatic warehouse etc.

Structure of common Flexible accordion shield (Plastic Bellow Cover) material is as follows:

Plus material: Nylon cloth or protective cloth

Support: PVC sheet

Connecting plate: Resin plate, iron plate

Pulley: Copper or nylon bearing

Design parameters for flexible accordion guide shield (Plastic Bellow Cover)

1.     L: Length after drawing

2.     L1: Length after compression

3.     L2: Travel length

4.     B: Total width of the shield

5.     B1: Guide width

6.     B2: Interior width of the shield

7.     H:Total height of the shield

8.     H1:Guide height of the guide

9.     H2:Interior width of the shield

Design parameters for flexible accordion guide shield

To calculate the dimensions of the welded bellow at the design stage, it is useful to pay mind some date:

1.     The standard folds have the following height: 15mm/ 20mm/ 30mm/ 35mm/ 40mm/ 45mm/ 50mm;

2.     The total play between the slides and the bellow must be from a minimum of 5mm to maximum of 10mm.

3.     The extension of one fold is equivalent to twice the fold`s height minus 10mm.

4.     The thickness of a compressed fold is on average 4mm.

5.     The compressed length of the bellows is equal to:

Extension of bellow÷extension of one fold ×(3~4.5mm)+flange thicknesses


The following is the multi-purpose shields (covers) that can be used for any types of machine or tools thanks to their various shapes and space-saving design.

Plastic Bellow Cover

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