Feng Shui common sense to pay attention to when buying second-hand housing

Every young person comes to a city with a dream, and wants to own his own house, but the high price makes many people discouraged in front of their dreams. Therefore, for young people whose economic strength is not very good, buy small houses and Second-hand housing is more realistic, so be sure to pay attention to second-hand housing feng shui when purchasing, generally need to pay attention to the following aspects:

1. In the housing, living room or dining room, if there is a beam, remember not to press the bed and seat, and the ceiling should not be low.

Second, the interior of the house should not have too many sharp corners. Many modern high-rise residential living rooms are diamond-shaped, often with sharp corners, not only suffocating, but also the living room loses harmony and unity.

Third, the door and the balcony are straight into a straight line, and also need to be separated by a screen or a porch. Because the front and back are transparent, you can see through the door and the balcony at a glance. Easy to get sick.

Fourth, the door is facing the elevator or the stairs, it is a blunder. Originally, the house is a place for gathering gas and health. Now it is directly connected with the elevator and the stairs. The anger in the house is sucked up by it. It can be described as taboo.

5. If the gate is directly opposite the corridor, this is also the rush. The longer the corridor, the more unfavorable it is to the home. This is called the pattern of wearing a sword. If there is no screen barrier in the door, it is not suitable for living.

Sixth, the door can't face the toilet door. Imagine that when people enter the door, they will see the toilet. What is the function of the house? The joy of entering the door will also become suffocating. In addition, the bedroom door and the toilet door can not be right, the bedroom and the bedroom door can not be right, these have made a door rush.

Second-hand houses are generally renovated and can be purchased to save a lot of renovation costs of the house, but be sure to understand some of the second-hand housing feng shui and second-hand housing purchase precautions, so you can buy a better house with feng shui, so that Family life is more harmonious and happy.

Round Aluminium Pipe

Material Grade: Aluminum Alloy 6000 series:6063,6061,6060,6005
Temper: T3-T8
Finish: Anodised, powder coated, sandblasting, electrophoresis ,titanium Powder coating, Polish, Brushed, PVDF coating, wood-grained etc.
Color: Silvery white, black, golden, champagne, dark bronze or according to your requirement
Shape: Square, Round, Flat, according to  customers' drawings
Thickness: Above 0.7mm,the thicker the better


A.    Length: ≤6.5m
B.  Normal Wall thickness: ≥1.0mm
C.  Normal Anodizing thickness: ≥8µm
D.   Normal powder coating thickness: 60-120µm
E.  Tensile strength: ≥160mpa
F.  Yield strength: ≥110mpa
G.    Extensibility: ≥8%
H.    Hardness(HW): 8-15
Packing details: Kraft paper, EPE Fram, Shrink film, Composite paper or as your need
MOQ: 500kg
Delivery time: Normally20-25days for a 40ft container after we confirm your deposit.

Normal order sequence:
1. Confirm the drawings, colors and price
2. Pay the mould fee and we start to make moulds
3. We send samples to you for your confirmation
4. Make the payment of 30% deposit, start production
5. Delivery

Round Aluminium Pipe

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