Home Feng Shui plant selection introduction

Home feng shui plants can also adjust the room yin and yang

It is considered that plants are spiritual and can help all aspects of human beings. Therefore, plants are often used to regulate the environmental gas field. There are many types of plants, and the nature is very different, so there are many things to pay attention to when using them. Regarding the magical use of plants, Professor Li Dexiong, Dean of the China National Studies Institute and expert of the World Horticultural Exposition, and Xia Jianbing, the manager of the Rural Landscape Design Engineering Co., Ltd., talked about their views.

Plants also have yin and yang five elements

In the traditional five-line theory, the green plants are wood, and Professor Li Dexiong found in many years that the types of plants are extremely rich and all-encompassing. In fact, there are also five elements, which have different effects on human health. He said that the five-line method of plants is very professional. People who are unfamiliar with plants can judge from the color of their reproductive organs, flowers. White is gold, green is wood, blue is water, red is fire, yellow. It belongs to the soil; on the other hand, it can also be distinguished according to the characteristics of the plant, such as hot genus, warm genus, cool water, dry genus and so on.

Choose living room pot according to the direction of the gate

Li Dexiong said that flowers and trees can not be planted, especially indoors, planting plants have a lot of attention. Since plants also have five elements, the plants planted in the living room should be selected according to the different orientations of the gates to increase the positive energy field of the living room, enhance the fortune and wealth of the family, and be beneficial to health.

The living room to the west of the gate must be bright, the western part is gold, and the potted plants of the genus and the genus are applied. In the case of gold, the golden-tailed tiger-tailed orchid, the golden-spotted orchid, the golden lily bamboo, the golden heart of the Brazilian iron tree, etc. The positive energy of gold is beneficial to the health of the family's respiratory tract, lungs and spleen; the living room of the south door is south, the fire is in the south, it is suitable to plant fire and wood plants, such as dragon blood tree, red iron, multicolored iron, horsetail iron Waiting to increase the positive energy of the fire is conducive to adjusting the health of the human heart and the stomach. It also has the effect of adjusting the timidity and depression of some people in the living room, lacking courage and confidence in life; the living room facing the north of the gate North is water, plants that are suitable for planting gold and water, such as wine bottle orchids, Hawaiian coconuts, etc., can promote the health of the kidneys and lungs; the east of the door can be planted in the living room, the rich bamboo, green yuan, 幌Umbrella maple (potted plant), rich tree, Jinshan brown bamboo, sun god, etc., can improve the health of the kidney and liver.

Choose bedroom plants according to genus

The plants in the bedroom are separated from the living room. Li Dexiong said that it is best to focus on beautiful flowers, which is conducive to the improvement of marital relations. The plants in the bedroom can be selected according to different zodiac signs. The zodiac is a cow, a dragon, a snake, a horse, a sheep, a dog, especially a person born in winter. It is a winter fire, and you can choose more flowers such as Clivia and Camellia. , Le Du Fu, red roses, etc.; people who are chickens and monkeys in the zodiac are more like gold, can choose flowers that belong to soil and gold, such as yellow roses, smiles, scorpions, tuberose, etc.; people who are rats and pigs like water, Plants of gold and water can be planted, such as narcissus, white orchid, rubber tree, etc.; those who belong to rabbits and tigers should choose plants that are wood, such as Qiulan and Evergreen.

Xia Jianbing, manager of the Rural Landscape Design Engineering Co., Ltd., said that due to the short lighting time of the bedroom, it is more likely to choose flowers and plants that are more sinister, such as camellia and Ledu, which are easier to grow. In addition, he also pointed out that indoor space within 20 square meters, in general, should not exceed four pots of plants, and more health benefits.

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