What are the home feng shui arrangements for husband and wife?

Home feng shui has a certain impact on every family member, so many people pay more attention to home feng shui layout when designing home decoration. Sometimes feng shui is not good or even affects the harmony of husband and wife life, so the home feng shui layout is very good. It must be taken seriously. Let's take a look at the following to find out what makes the husband and wife's home feng shui layout.

The bedroom is the place that best reflects the feelings of husband and wife. The husband and wife are both together. Therefore, the layout of the bedroom directly affects the relationship between the couple’s emotional life. The layout of the bedroom is best. The best, that is, the square is the best. As for the square or the rectangular, this can make the relationship between the husband and wife more stable and harmonious. Of course, some people’s bedrooms are not square. Then arrange it in a square.

The influence of the kitchen on the relationship between husband and wife is also obvious, so the kitchen will directly affect the hostess's fortune. This is the location of the stove in the kitchen. It is best to be located in the Kyrgyzstan. Its feng shui principle will otherwise make the married life of the couple not happy, and it is easy to have a quarrel.

Many people will use different colors in the room decoration, which will make the home more rich, but the choice of this color can not be too casual, it is best to choose a more auspicious color, such as red, white, etc. Etc. Generally speaking, the north of the house room determines the marriage feelings of the couple, so it is better to use some colors such as red in this direction, so that the feelings between husband and wife are more harmonious.

In the choice of lamps, it is also necessary to pay attention to it. It is actually in the bedroom. In fact, the most important thing is the problem of the color of the lamp. Choosing a warm lamp will help the couple's feelings and make the relationship between the couple warmer.

In addition, if you want to choose a magnified vase, you should pay attention to it, because if you put it in the peach flower position, it will make the other half have peach blossoms, which is a threat to emotional life, so be careful.

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