Air filter maintenance method

Common types of filters are hydraulic oil filters and air filters, which are used in hydraulic oil systems and in air, respectively. The main filter unit of the hydraulic oil filter is a hydraulic oil filter, and the main filter unit of the air filter is a dust filter. Let's take a look at the different ways of maintaining the air filter.

The function of the air filter is to filter impurities entering the air of the cylinder to reduce wear on the parts of the compression system. At present, the air filter used on the engine can be divided into three types: inertial type, filter type, and integrated type. According to whether the filter material is immersed in oil, it can be divided into dry type and wet type.

Dry inertial filter maintenance Dry-type air filter unit consists of dust cover, deflector, dust exhaust, vacuum cup, etc., should pay attention to:

1. Always check and clean the dust holes on the centrifugal dust cover, remove the dust adhering to the deflector, and pour the dust inside the dust cup (the dust collection in the container should not exceed 1/3 of its volume). During installation, the sealing of the rubber gasket at the joint should be ensured, and there should be no air leakage. Otherwise, the airflow is short-circuited, and the rotation speed of the air is reduced, so that the dust removal effect is greatly reduced.

2. The dust cover and the diversion should maintain the correct shape. If there is a bump, it should be shaped in time to avoid changing the flow direction of the original design and reducing the filtration effect. 3. Some drivers add fuel to the dust cup (or dust collector plate), which is not allowed. Because the oil easily splashes to the dust exhaust port, the baffle and other parts, so that this part absorbs dust, which will eventually reduce the filtration separation ability.

Maintenance of Wet Inertia Filter The wet inertia air filter unit consists of a central tube, oil pool, etc., and should be noted during use:

1. Clean the oil pan and replace the oil regularly. The oil should be moderately viscous when changing oil. If the viscosity is too large, the filter screen of the filter device is easily blocked, and the air intake resistance is increased. When the viscosity is too small, the oil adhesion ability of the oil is reduced, and the oil splashed is easily sucked into the cylinder to participate in combustion to generate carbon deposit.

2. The oil level in the oil pool should be moderate. The oil should be added between the upper and lower engraving lines of the oil pan or at the arrow mark. The oil level is too low, the oil quantity is insufficient, and the filtration effect is poor; the oil level is too high, the oil is too much, and it is easy to be sucked into the cylinder to burn, and may cause a "speeding" accident.

Dry filter type filter maintenance Dry-type air filter unit consists of paper filter element and sealing washer. Please pay attention to:

1. Regular inspections are ensuring cleanliness. When removing dust from the paper filter, apply a soft brush to remove the dust on the surface of the filter along the direction of the crease, and gently tap the end face to remove the dust. When performing the above operation, use a clean cotton cloth or rubber stopper to block the two ends of the filter element, and blow the air out of the filter element with a compressed air machine or an air pump (the air pressure must not exceed 0.2-0.3MPA to prevent damage to the filter paper). Dust attached to the outer surface of the filter element.

2. Do not use water or diesel or gasoline to clean the paper filter. Otherwise, the filter element pores will be blocked and the air resistance will increase. At the same time, the diesel oil will easily suck into the cylinder, causing the overrunning “flying” after loading.

3. When the filter element is found to be damaged, or the upper and lower end faces of the filter element are not flat, or the rubber seal ring is aging and deformed, it should be replaced with new ones.

4. When installing, it should be noted that the gasket or sealing ring of each joint part must not be missed or misplaced to avoid short circuit of air. Do not overtighten the filter wing nut to prevent crushing the filter element.

Maintenance of wet filter filtration This device is mainly composed of a metal filter impregnated with oil. Note:

1. Regularly clean the dust on the filter net with diesel or gasoline.

2. When assembling, first infiltrate the filter with oil, and then assemble the excess oil after it has been drained. When installing, use the cross-frame of the filter screen on the cake filter to overlap and align, and ensure that the inner and outer rubber rings of the filter are well sealed to prevent short-circuit of the air intake.

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