Hemisphere Camera Frequently Asked Questions

Problem 1: Infrared dome camera color distortion, color cast
It may be that the white balance switch (AWB) is not set properly, or the ambient light conditions may change too much. At this time, check whether the switch setting is in the OFF position, and you should think of ways to improve the ambient light conditions.
Question 2: Night vision infrared hemisphere camera is normal during the day and white at night
This phenomenon is generally due to the use of reflective materials in the machine environment or in a small space, due to reflection of infrared light, to solve this phenomenon should first determine whether the use of reflective materials, improve the use of the environment as much as possible, and then check the effective infrared machine Whether the distance is in accordance with the actual usage distance; if a long-distance infrared machine is used in a small space, the machine image will be white due to the strong infrared light.
Question three: IR Dome Camera Series machine image appears illumination poor, white or bright white iris phenomenon night
It should be said that the phenomenon is caused by improper assembly of the machine. When the photosensitive device (photoresistor) is too far away from the infrared hemisphere camera during assembly, it will cause the incomplete start of the infrared lamp to cause the night illumination of the machine to be poor; the phenomenon of image whitening or bright white aperture is mainly caused by The infrared light emitted by the infrared light emitting tube is refracted by the dome cover to the lens. To solve this problem, it is necessary to avoid the infrared light refracting to the lens surface. Usually, a sponge ring is used to isolate the lens from the infrared light. The ball cover must be tightly attached during assembly. Sponge ring.
Question 4: There are several black bars or bars on the screen
This situation is generally the output voltage ripple of the machine power supply is too large, should strengthen the filter and use good performance DC power supply.
Problem 5: The waterproof and heat dissipation effects are not ideal
After a long time of use, there will be more or less soda in the camera (this phenomenon is mainly concentrated in the northern region), the main reason for this phenomenon is that the sealing effect of the shell is not enough and the temperature difference is not taken into account when the fashion machine. When the infrared lamp starts to work, it will generate a lot of heat, and at the same time the heat dissipation effect of the shell is not enough, which will greatly reduce the service life of the camera. To solve this problem, the infrared hemisphere camera's shell can be made into a plurality of wire troughs. It is good for heat dissipation.
Question 6: Insufficient color reproduction during the day
Do not know if you have noticed that the infrared dome camera color will be more or less color cast in the daytime, this is the most direct cause of the camera filter problem, the general infrared dome camera uses a certain proportion of infrared light through the double Peak filter, its advantage is low cost, but because natural light contains more infrared components, when it enters the CCD will interfere with color reproduction, such as green plants become gray and so on (there is a particularly bright environment outside the city ). The use of the IRCUT dual filter effectively solves this problem. The IRCUT dual filter consists of an IR cut filter and a full spectrum optical glass. When the daylight is sufficient, the IR cut filter works, and the CCD is restored. With true colors, when the nighttime light is insufficient, the infrared cut filter automatically moves away, and the full-spectrum optical glass starts to work, making the CCD make full use of all the light, thereby greatly improving the infrared performance.
Question 7: Infrared dome camera without image
First check whether the polarity of the external power supply is correct and whether the output voltage meets the requirements (power supply error: DC12V±10%, AC24V±5%). Then check if the video cable is in good contact; if using a manual iris lens, check whether the aperture is open or not. The aperture lens needs to adjust the LEVEL potentiometer to make the aperture in the right position.
Question 8: The image quality of infrared dome cameras is not good
a. Check if the lens is fingerprinted or dirty;
b. Check if the aperture is adjusted;
c. Check the video cable for poor contact;
d. Check if there is any problem with the electronic shutter or white balance setting.
e. Check if the transmission distance is too far;
f. Check the voltage is normal;
g. Check for nearby sources of interference;
h. Check that the elevator is insulated from the interference when installed in the elevator;
i. Check whether the CS interface is connected.
Problem 9: The image of the infrared dome camera is distorted or geometrically distorted
This phenomenon may be a problem with the IR dome camera, the monitor's geometry correction circuit, or problems with the optical lens, or it may be that the characteristic impedance of the video connection cable or device does not match the output impedance of the IR dome camera.
When the above phenomenon occurs, please check whether the optical lens used is abnormal and whether the monitor's input impedance switch is set to 75Ω, and then check whether the impedance of the video cable used is 75Ω.

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