Strong Smart Grid Construction Promotes Electric Power Information Development

The electric power industry is one of the earlier and more in-depth applications of the application of information technology. The planning, infrastructure, power generation, transmission, and power supply of power systems all have application of information technology. The informationization of power companies includes the automation of production processes and information management. The first step in realizing enterprise informationization is to automate the production process of the company and directly collect online production information through the computerized automatic control system of the production line, such as the power plant's power plant control, substation control, etc. The construction of this system is generally related to the construction of power plants and substations. Simultaneously, the construction was synchronized and the funds were set aside directly from the construction funds.

The power industry is an industry engaged in the production and operation of electricity. It consumes energy such as primary energy such as coal and petroleum, renewable energy such as water and wind, and nuclear energy to obtain high-quality secondary energy, and realizes the energy conversion and processing industries that supply electric energy to a wide range of consumers. Since energy is an indispensable and important material for all social activities of mankind, the power industry, like industries such as coal and petroleum, is a basic industry that provides basic energy and goods to the national economy and to the society.

The realization of the automation of the production process can significantly increase production efficiency, reduce production errors, reduce staff, improve production quality and quantity, and increase economic efficiency. The second step is to realize enterprise management informationization. The system is generally implemented when the company is set up for a period of time, the production process automation system is stable, and the management system is basically stable. Management informatization is an information system within the enterprise management agency. The information is directly transmitted by the online production system and submitted by the grass-roots unit. The main contents should include functions such as office automation, business data processing, shared information inquiry, e-mail, and internet usage. The company provides management information software for the power industry.

From the use of the first computer, the informatization of power companies is about to go through half a century. With the continuous deepening of the reform of the power industry system, power companies have also continuously increased their requirements for informationization. From the development stage, the power informationization has gone through three phases and is currently in the transitional period between the third and fourth phases.

In the primary stage, the power information is more basic, mainly for the power companies to use IT to lay the foundation, including the establishment of the basic local area network, the popularization of the use of computers, and the initial system development for some simple applications.

In the intermediate stage, all branches of the enterprise have established corresponding information centers, and the core enterprise backbone network has also been completed. There is also a professional business system support for dispatching production and marketing related professional fields. At this time, the power informationization has already met the basic needs of the power companies.

With the continuous deepening of power system reform, power information technology can no longer be satisfied with providing basic support. Enterprises need fast and comprehensive information to support decision-making. They need simple and convenient information flow reorganization to help management innovation. Enterprises can no longer be satisfied with independent The business system, the voice of the integration platform is also increasing, the power of information into the advanced stage.

With the maturation and application of new technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and internet of things, intelligence has become an irresistible trend, and power informatization has also begun to change from the third stage to the fourth stage, that is, from centralized platform construction to intelligentization. In the transitional phase of stage development, the application of new technologies such as big data and cloud computing is the main feature of comprehensively enhancing the efficiency of each system through intelligentization.

From the point of view of the entire power industry informatization investment, the investment in China's power informatization reached 18.797 billion yuan in 2009, an increase of 15.51% over 2008, of which information application systems accounted for 27.7%. From 2010, the State Grid Corporation of China “SG186” The informatization project represented by information engineering has stimulated the application needs of the entire grid side, and has become one of the main driving forces for the investment in power informationization.

From the perspective of the information technology investment structure of the power industry, the share of power grid companies in 2009 was 57%, and that of power generation companies was 43%. The demand for information investment in both areas was very strong. In particular, with the rapid decline in coal prices in recent years, the operating status of thermal power companies has greatly improved, and the pace of investment in information technology has also accelerated, bringing about rapid growth in the demand for power generation. The informatization demands of both the grid side and the power generation side have been further developed along with the application of various new technologies. After the SG-186 project on the grid side, the main driving forces are the SG-ERP and the strong smart grid construction, while the power generation side is based on the Group. The management and control platform construction is an opportunity to use the big data to embrace the era of the industrial Internet and to improve the optimization of automation and information systems in order to significantly reduce operating costs.

From 2011 to 2015, with the implementation of the “Strong Smart Grid” construction plan of the State Grid Corporation of China, the emergence of emerging applications, and the promotion of product replacement requirements, the scale of investment in power informatization will continue to grow rapidly.

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