Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee: 17 masks are not up to standard

Recently, Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Committee purchased 17 samples of mask products, including 2 physical store purchases and 15 online store purchases. It entrusted the Shanghai Municipal Labor Protective Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Station to filter efficiency and (total) leakage rate of masks. , Inspiratory resistance, expiratory resistance and other indicators for testing. As a result, 2 samples did not meet the requirements of the standard.
The filtration efficiency is a key indicator of the basic performance of a mask. It refers to the percentage of particulate matter that the mask can filter out under the specified detection conditions. After inspection, there were 7 samples with a filtration efficiency of more than 90% and a good filtration effect; 8 samples were below 50%, and the lowest was only 6.5%, and the filtration effect was poor.
The inspiratory resistance and expiratory resistance of the mask can affect the consumer's experience. Generally speaking, when the filtering efficiency of a mask is similar to the total leakage rate, choosing a product with lower suction resistance and lower expiratory resistance will make consumers feel comfortable when using it.

Of the 17 samples tested this time, except for 2 samples that were too small to be tested for this item, the remaining 15 samples were tested and the values ​​of the inhalation resistance ranged from 26 Pa to 274 Pa, and the exhalation resistance values ​​ranged from 21 Pa to 119 Pa. Not equal.

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