The rise of security monitoring platform has broad prospects

The rise of surveillance platforms The security industry has developed rapidly, and smart city bidding has started. According to statistics from China Security Industry Association, the growth rate of China's security industry has basically stabilized at around 20% in recent years. We expect that the growth rate of the security industry will be maintained at over 20% during the 12th Five-Year Plan period. By the end of the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, the entire security industry will achieve the overall goal of doubling the scale, that is, the total output value in 2015 will reach 500 billion yuan. The added value is 160 billion yuan. The smart city is the growth engine for security during the 12th Five-Year Plan period. With the completion of the change of the term, local government projects and inputs have started to restart. The national smart city’s pilot application for 2013 was completed before the end of June. Construction of "Safe Cities" in various regions will start large-scale bidding in the second half of the year. This trend is exactly in line with the "new urbanization" strategy. People from the National Development and Reform Commission recently stated that smart cities will become an important part of new urbanization. At present, the bidding for security monitoring systems in various provinces and cities has seen a significant growth trend.

Judging from the current market research, the speed of front-end high-definition industry in the first half of the year has been significantly accelerated, and urbanization supports government investment in security growth. It is expected that in the second half of the year, the security procurement of all provinces will gradually start and continue to push up the security industry. The market expects that the growth rate of front-end cameras will still be over 50% in 2013. Due to the increase in camera entry volume, the gross profit margin is expected to decline slightly. In 2013, the growth rate of DVR will still maintain over 10%, benefiting from the stable structure and little change in gross profit margin.

Industry growth momentum is still there. On the one hand, the demand for smart city management has been greatly improved. "Safe City" as the main part of the construction of "Smart City", its construction scale and construction content will have greater expansion. The rise of smart cities has laid a good foundation for the company's long-term development. On the other hand, the trend of high-definition and intelligentization of video surveillance systems does not change. With the constant maturity of the high-definition and intelligent technologies of video surveillance systems, the continuous decrease in the application cost has stimulated the needs of the market; in addition, high-definition, Intelligent, integrated and big data storage, interactive applications, and video technology applications from a simple security protection, traffic management to a broader application.

Judging from the development trend of the industry giants, the main development directions in the future are as follows:

First, the government and the large industry application integration, the company has obvious advantages in the "monitoring platform + solution". It is expected that from the back end to the front-end equipment, the solution will be the next step for the company's development. The industrial applications represented by smart city construction in China are evolving towards large-scale and integrated, integrated solutions will be more concerned, and integrated solutions will bring channel/brand synergy and profitability of equipment.

Second, civilian security guards. With the continuous improvement of domestic economic life, the continuous decline in the cost of video applications, and the simplification of video applications, video surveillance in the past as the industry's high-end applications has begun to flourish in small and micro enterprises and homes, even though mature business models are It does not appear, but the future market space is worth looking forward to.

Third, overseas market operations are in parallel. Enterprises continue to increase investment in overseas markets, and overseas markets have the potential for outreach in the future. At present, overseas markets have gradually begun to pay attention to integrated delivery and service support capabilities from simply emphasizing “cost-effectiveness”. Currently, domestic security companies such as Haikang have gradually stepped into the competition in overseas mainstream markets. After the initial branding and channel layout, it is expected that the future will Release growth motivation.

Build platform-based companies and establish long-term competitiveness: At present, the giants in the industry have formed cross-industry segmented video surveillance solutions, and their comprehensive competitiveness has clearly outpaced their competitors. At the same time, companies have actively tried civilian security. After years of efforts, some companies have opened overseas markets. With immediate effect, the growth rate in the European, American and Indian markets has gradually increased.

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