Open kitchen feng shui layout taboo

The open kitchen has been used in many kitchens for its aesthetic appeal. Above the home feng shui layout. What are the taboos for the open kitchen feng shui layout? Today Xiaobian introduces you to four points. Hope it helps you.

Open kitchen feng shui layout taboo 1, open kitchen does not gather gas

The saying that the house is too big, too small to gather gas is also applicable to the kitchen. If it does not gather, it means that the fortune is difficult to accumulate and the popularity is not very strong.

Open kitchen feng shui layout taboo 2, unstable flame, unfavorable to health

The open kitchen is much more affected by the airflow in other functional areas than the independent kitchen. As a result, the flame of the cooktop will inevitably become unstable. This implied in the wind and water will have a negative impact on the health of the occupants.

Open kitchen feng shui layout taboo 3, behind the stove or pool, if it is a window, do not gather gas, miss money

Many open kitchen stoves or sinks do not lean against the wall, and some are close to the window for light considerations. The obvious influence of this layout on feng shui is that it does not gather gas and leaks money.

Open kitchen feng shui layout taboo 4, generally not recommended bar settings

In the open kitchen, many people like to make a bar in the kitchen and living room, usually used as a table, friends come, and a few cocktails, quite exotic. It not only satisfies the psychology of young people, but also makes use of space.  

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